Commercial law and business law

The services we offer include legal advice and assistance in commercial law and business law matters. Our law office represents clients in all business activities in Romania and abroad as well. In addition we offer legal advice and assistance in national and international trade issues and European Union trade regulations. Our activities include:

- Legal advice in the commercial law and business law;

- Legal opinions;

- Drafting of legal documents;

- Arbitration;

- Mediation and conciliation;

- Corporate and complex commercial transactions;

- Commercial contracts - drafting and certification;

- Assistance in negotiations regarding contracts and transactions;

- Summons, conciliation;

- Debt recovery - enforcement;

- Drafting applications and representing clients in the enforcement phase of court rulings;

- Procedure of summoning and order of payment;

- Disputes over violations of contractual obligations;

- Representing clients in front of the courts and before the International Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;

- Mediation in transactions and post procedural phase;

- Preparation of notices, summons;