Assistance in the management and administration of companies

To ensure a complete legal support service, we offer our clients (medium enterprises and large corporate companies) advice in a permanent manner over their business management. Commercial activities require an adequate knowledge of the market practice, the legislation and the authorities that govern it. Usually we analyze organizational structure, contracts and risks in business activities, and make proposals regarding the internal organization of the firm, the organization of trade relations, in order to avoid risk, and seek the possibilities of business development. Our goal is to help the company by providing legal advice in order to facilitate management. Experience says that a strong partnership between business management and the law office has a very positive effect on business activity and contributes effectively to the improvement of the activity and development of the company. Efficient administration of the firm has a positive impact on the success and profitability of the business and we would like to contribute in an efficient way to achieve this goal. Our activities include:

- Assistance and representation in negotiations with customers, suppliers, business partners;

- Analysis of existing and future contracts;

- Assistance and representation in business meetings;

- Assisting in the negotiation of contreact with clients ;

- Verification of amounts due and deadlines for payment;

- Regular meetings with the company ;

- Regular activity reports ower the activity of the law firm, based on the agreement with the client;

- Continuous analysis / tracking of the legal situation of clients with whom we have a permanent collaboration in order to make proposals for optimization;

- Continous assistance and advice fot the director, business manager;