Legal Services

We offer a wide range of services; our aim is to deliver optimal and efficient solutions in every situation, and to assure our clients a complete legal support. We are a Law Office specialized in commercial law and business law and we offer specialized legal advice and legal assistance for enterprises in Romania and abroad, and for international corporations. Currently, our work is carried out in Transylvania (Tirgu-Mures, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea) and in Bucharest, but we also provide services in other places in the country and abroad, according to our clients' interests.

To meet the current needs of companies in Romania and abroad, our office offers a comprehensive range of quality services with maximum efficiency, tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer:

1. Setting up a company and assistance / representation in front of the Trade Register

Setting up a company is the first and most important step in developing a business; our law office provides assistance in choosing the legal form for your company (SRL, SA, SNC, SCS, SCA) ... details »

2. Commercial law and business law

The services we offer include legal advice and assistance in commercial law and business law matters. Our law office represents clients in all business activities in Romania and abroad as well...details »

3. Assistance in the management and administration of companies

To ensure a complete legal support service, we offer our clients (medium enterprises and large corporate companies) advice in a permanent manner over their business management...details »

4. Recovery of debts and assistance in forced execution procedure

One of the most common problems of companies in Romania is the insufficiency of collection of debts. Recovery of debts is a very difficult process that requires time, skill, financial resources and may endanger the existing business relationships between partners...details »

5. Bankruptcy and legal reorganization

In the present days due to the economic crisis, some companies in Romania have difficulties in carrying out economic activities, and even can reach insolvency... details »

6. Litigation

If the attempts to resolve disputes amicably have failed, we will protect specific interests through legal means.... details »

7. Recognition and enforcement of claims in the European Union and international claims

We have a vast experience in the recognition and enforcement of national and international civil and commercial obligations in the European Union and non EU countries... details »

8. Real estate law and real estate development projects

For companies wishing to invest in real estate we offer specialized services. Our activities include:...details »

9. Labor Law

Recruiting, hiring employees and workforce management is an important part of every business activity. Labor legislation and labor relations have become highly complex. ... details »

10. Tax Law, Banking Law

Romanian fiscal legislation is extremely complex and in a permanent change. Our law firm is working in partnership with companies specialized in accounting, financial and tax consultyancy. ...details »

11. European commercial law and European private law, legal assistance in projects financed by the European Union

European commercial law and European private law are relatively new branches of law. As a result of Romania's EU accession, European Law has acquired a special importance for both the legal system, and for the companies in Romania...details »

12. Intellectual Property

Our Law firm provides comprehensive services relating to intellectual property. Our goal is to provide adequate protection for trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights of our clients... details »

13. Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration

Arbitration is an alternative way of resolving disputes outside courts. Arbitration can be of two types: ad-hoc arbitration and institutional arbitration... details »

14. Consulting and legal assistance for new investments or business expansion

Investing in new markets or expanding operations in the same market is always an important challenge for companies... details »

15. Assistance and legal advice in public procurement

The public procurement procedure is governed by Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2006 and the complementary legislation... details »

16. The right of information and the rights of IT companies

Information law is a new branch of law, including legal rules applicable to specific information and communication technologies, and ... details »

17. Medical Law

Medical law is a relatively new branch of law, but it is very important... details »