The approach of the law office in terms of fees is a flexible. In establishing the fees we promote the principle of direct negotiation between the law firms and the clients. Fees are determined freely between the lawyer and client, both in terms of their amount and their payment schedules. "It is forbidden to set minimum or maximum fees..." (Statute of the lawyer profession).


We provide legal consultancy services for a fee determined by the time spent in favor of the customer or on monthly base.
Our office uses the fixed monthly fees, if we work with clients on a permanent basis.


We practice fixed fees, hourly fees and success fees, so that we can provide the best combination depending on the customers profile and needs.
- Hourly fees - are set on working time, they are a fixed amount due for each hour of professional services rendered;
- Fixed fees (standard) - consist in a fixed amount due for the professional service, these fees are due regardless of the result obtained by providing the professional services and may be fixed and periodical fees, including the form of a lump sum as well;
- Success fees - complements the agreed fixed fee; depending on the result of the service provided, the success fee consists of a fixed or variable amount determined by the achievement of a certain result;


In the cases of dept recovery procedure, the fee is calculated based on the amount recovered.
Initially we are always happy to give the customer an estimated amount of the fees charged, based on a forecast of work hours and the information provided by the client.
Legal advice is free when it is followed by a process or other activity by the lawyer;


If you have questions about fees please contact us via this site.