Whit the help of this site, of this Romanian law firm, visitors can learn about the activities and offered by us, and hopefully find all the information they are looking for. Navigating the site you can learn about us and discover our range of legal services.

Who are we?

Romanian law firm specialized in commercial law and business law, which offers comprehensive legal advice and legal assistance for small and medium enterprises, large enterprises in Romania and abroad, and for international corporations that want to engage in economic activities in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Currently, the professional activity of the Romanian Law firm is focused on Romania - Transylvania (Tirgu-Mures, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea) and Bucharest, but we also provide legal services in other cities in the country and abroad according to clients' interests. Currently the client portfolio of the Romanian law firm includes national and international companies, multinational corporations, trade organizations and national and international investors as well.

The coordinator of the office is Drd. Pantilimon Rikhárd-Árpád, attorney at law.

- He is a lawyer, member of the Mures Bar, PhD in Law at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Law, Master in "Private European Union Law" of the Faculty of Law, University Babes-Bolyai University and the University of Pecs, Hungary, he graduated the Faculty of Law, bachelor degree in law, Babes-Bolyai University,

- He is an international mediator with significant international experience; he was engaged in activities at the Council of Europe, European Parliament, European Commission and attended training sessions at the European Court of Human Rights. He is a certified expert in public procurement procedure, in international conciliation and mediation.

- During his career he collaborated with several international corporations. He is a member of several international law associations and organizations, he is the author of several studies published in Romania and abroad; he is a laureate of several international professional competitions.

- His major competency areas are: commercial law, business law, and company law, tax law, banking law, EU law and EU business law. Spoken languages: Romanian, Hungarian, English, German, and basic level Italian.

Our aim

The aim of the law office is to offer high quality professional legal services to its clients. Our goal is to find the optimal and most efficient solution for every legal problem and to give a complete legal support to our clients. Therefore, the Law Office provides legal services consisting mainly in consulting, legal assistance and representation in accordance with art. 3 of Law no. 51/1995 - on organization and exercising the lawyer profession.

We focus on flexibility, innovation, and on maintaining high professional standards. Our motto is "professionalism and partnership" we approach each client and each case with professionalism and we want to be a reliable partner that contributes substantially to the success of our clients. Every company needs a lawyer who assists them in an efficient manner and is involved with maximum promptness and seriousness in conducting all legal services rendered. The clients of the Romanian law firm enjoy quality legal services, including both assistance and representation in court, as well as specialized legal advice, strictly tailored to the customer's needs by analyzing all the possibilities of action.

If you wish to invest in Romania we are the reliable partner for you.

Fields of activity

To meet the current needs of the companies in Romania and abroad, our Romanian law firm offers a comprehensive range of quality services with maximum efficiency, tailored to the needs and requirements of each client, to give them complete legal services. The main areas of activity are: commercial law, business law, corporate law, tax law, European Union law and insolvency law.

Our work as lawyer in Romania includes: real estate, real estate development projects, commercial transactions, greenfield investment, intellectual property, public procurement, e-commerce, taxation, banking, insurance law, medical law, law enforcement assistance and the setting up companies. Our services include both assistance and representation in front of courts as well mediation, arbitration services and conciliation in resolving civil and commercial disputes on national and international level.

We have a vast experience in the recognition and enforcement of international and community (European Union) civil and commercial obligations. We also have experience in providing specialized legal assistance in the implementation of projects financed by the European Union. For details on services offered, please select title "services."

As we are permanently optimizing our website, our presence in the most powerful search engines is very important for us. For this fact we made several researches related to the search terms. It is interesting, that the keyword legal assistance Romania has more global monthly searches on the internet, than legal services in Romania, though the second one is the most relevant keyword that represents our services. If you need legal services in Romania, our office can provide you with a wide range of legal service from founding a company in Romania till supporting the daily activity of the company on the market.

What we offer?

The internal and external environment of every business is in a constant change, so there is an obvious need to adapt to new realities. In the present there is a high demand among businesses for an adequate and competent legal support, provided by a lawyer. To have a strong market presence and to have a flexible, efficient and stable structure, every company needs a proper legal support provided by a lawyer. Companies need a reliable partner, a law office, that prevents potential risk, provides legal assistance in an efficiency way and protects the companies interests in the event of any kind of dispute.


Our offer includes:


- complex, quality services provided by a lawyer with maximum efficiency, tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer;
- professionalism, honesty and dedication;
- communication and continuous legal consultation with a lawyer in Romania;
- fair and reasonable fees, depending on the complexity of each case; the office policy for the fees is a flexible and negotiable approach;
- a large spectrum of legal services;

What is your gain?

- efficient, optimal and fast solutions for your legal problems and legal advice at the highest professional level;
- constant information and communication with a lawyer;
- economy of energy, time and money;
- a reliable partner that provides proper legal support;

The principles that guide us

We are aware that the success of our clients also depends on the quality of the legal counseling. The principles that guide our work as lawyer in Romania are: professionalism, innovation, honesty, dedication, dignity, honor and professional independence, free exercise of the profession of lawyer and loyalty to the client.

The trust of our clients and partners is essential. We believe that the legal services should be integrated in the economic activities of our clients. Through such a partnership we can achieve maximum efficiency and profitability for clients.